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I was going to have a work section here (as I do have a "day job" but as my finger is in so many metaphorical pies I've gone for areas of interest within which I work and play.

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Over a year since I last blogged!? - 10 Aug 2006

...thatís terrible, but explicable. Iíve been seconded to a very busy job as a Data Manager plus there has been lots going on personally, ranging from building work to death (unconnected) as well as car crashes and hospitalizations (also unconnected from each other or the former).

Family News

Big news for the kids has been that Oscar has learnt to talk and is now a very cute blonde who attends weekly football classes whilst Phoebe got her 25metres swimming badge at just 3 and a half years old and is now 4 and very much looking forwards to starting school in January 2007.


All 7 (yes 7) organizations for whom I currently work are being reorganized, which means as my secondment draws to a close I am at yet another life crossroads. I have no idea what roles I will be offered or will accept in the coming months, and as yet Iím unsure of what Iíd accept were it offered! Ideologically Iím very tempted to be a stay at home mums, but practically and financially it isnít that simple (nor fair on Phil).

The upheavals in the household of late have also meant that Iíve not made it to the gym as often as Iíd like so Iím not at my fittest which isnít helping though processes.

Comment on Current Affairs

Today on the news talk is all about intercepted terrorist attacks and troubles in Lebanon. This evokes a myriad of emotions for me but the two at the forefront are a). do I really want to go back to working in London during these times? And b) concern for my dear Lebanese friend who lives near me but whose family is all in Beirut.

Technology (The website)

Yes, I know the pictures are several months (years?) out of date and yes, I know there are typos everywhere and links that need deleting or updatingÖ I donít have sufficient admin rights to do this and need to nag Phil to sort it all. Now sheís sorted the broadband, phone and TV providers out (at length) Iíll set him on it as soon as I get he chance.

I think thatíll do for today, and a brief catch up. Iíll endeavor to be back more often once weíve done a thorough overhaul.

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