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I'm not going to rant here, but wanted to point out to anyone who switches off when they hear the phrase "local government" or "council" that the public sector is paid for by the public and is here to serve the public so if YOU don't show an interest in how local futures are developed YOU can't really complain about how YOUR taxes are being spent can YOU?

I've worked at national, regional, county, district and ward levels in local government.  Within these roles I've gained an appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of the UK public sector and I've also been involved in local planning within my own community.

For example - if you live in the UK do you know whether your local council is part of a tertiary system or is it a unitary council?  If you have a parish, district and county council serving your area would you know who to contact for what?  I didn't to start with and still don't always - but I'm determined to get through to the right person and get it done when I identify a need.

At the same time I'm determined not to get too steeped in public sector speak - with Phil working for the NHS there is definitely that danger between us and I need others to help maintain my perspective on how much the "average" person knows about public sector reform, education, social care, health, planning, housing, revenues, , etc!

I'm not going to list hundreds of council websites here, but if you want to find something out contact me, or try one of the following:

Local Government Association (LGA)

Local Authority Gateway

Website of the UK government : Directgov


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