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I don't know about you, but I often get an inbox full of spam, crap and general nonsense. Just occasionally there is a diamond in the rough, a great link, a top game, funny joke, etc. All too often these links get used once and then forgotten about, only to find you, three weeks later trying to find the email with that great link in.

Well, no more. From now on, when I get a silly link that I liked, I'm going to stick it in here.


  • September 12th (29/09/2004)
    An effective lesson in how *not* to prosecute the "War on Terror". Disturbing mostly in the way that it gets you to try to deal with the terrorists. My most successful strategy was in decimating the civilian population until there was almost noone to recruit into the terrorist camp. Disturbingly similar to current US tactics, even before the big post-US-election slaughter to come.
  • Penguin Whack! (02/01/2004)
    Get your Yeti to whack the penguin for a record distance. My PB is 220.6! No penguins were harmed in the making of this game. Apart from the one that gets whacked, of course.

Just Silly

  • Huh Corporation (02/01/2004)
    Simply the best/worst company website in the world.

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