Religion and the lack of it

Mrs. Porky, Jambon and Squealer

Mrs.Porky, Jambon and Squealer.

Religion is an endlessly facinating subject for me. I think that there can be no better way to understand how a person perceives the world that through their religious (or at least metaphysical) beliefs. As such I have made a point of looking into some of them.

Now, I would not claim to be an expert in any way, merely an interested layman, but I occasionally come across things that I want to keep track of and I will be putting them in here.

Atheism and Scepticism

  • Losing My Religion - How it felt when I lost my faith.
  • Cults and Mind Control - An essay by Keith Stump, a survivor of a cult, on methods used by cults to control members. Surprisingly, it seems that strong willed people are more likely to be recruited than weak-willed ones.
  • Agnosticism/Atheism Board at About.Com - A great resource for all things atheistic, and a lot besides. There is a thriving online community as well. Well worth a look..

Good, Bad and Dangerous to know


  • The Happy Heretic - Wit and wisdom from Judith Hayes.
  • Bible Code Refuted - Drosnin said "When my critics find a message about the assassination of a prime minister encrypted in Moby Dick, I'll believe them." (Newsweek, Jun 9, 1997). Here's the site that proves the lie.
  • Universal Life Church - Free Ordinations for all! Call yourself Reverend (or Grand Panjandrum if you choose) for free!
  • Things Creationists Hate - A long list of things about the natural world, the Bible or anything that Creationists hate. Why do they hate them? Because they are deeply silly people.


  • Block Bonobo Foundation - The banana munching way to sexual and social happiness.
  • David Ike - The one, the only, Lizard King of turqoise is here, on his own appaulingly designed website. Learn that the Royal family are really baby eating lizards, watch as a man demonstrates his decaying cranium to the world. Mad or just weird, you decide.

Dangerous to Know

  • God Hates Fags - The good Rev.Phelps demonstrates the underbelly of the Religious Right.
  • The Society for the Ten Commandments - They like their religion simple, their children beaten and their criminals hanged. All the fun of a 4000 year old justice system, unrevised for the modern era.

Evolution and Creationism


  • Talk Origins - The definitive evolution website. More information than you could shake a stick at and a sometimes hilarious feedback section.


  • True Origins - The creationist rebuttal to Talk Origins. Like a sort of debate by website.

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