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Oscar's page Welcome to the world, Oscar Indigo Crofts. Go to Oscar's page to see lots of pictures and details of his birth.
Phoebe's page Go to Phoebe's page to see Her First Year containing a vast array of photos, and links to online articles about her.
Phil's page Go to Phil's page to see his views on web design, war and religion.

See the latest entry in Phil's journal; Scum. Slime. Spammers. 22 Nov 2005 .

See the latest entry in Phil's War of Mass Deception journal; Worrying developments 07 Dec 2005
Kate's page Go to Kate's page to see a lot of talk and links, some pictures, and other things as she thinks of them!

See the latest entry in Kate's journal; Over a year since I last blogged!? 10 Aug 2006
Family area Go to the Family area for pictures of Phil and Kate's Wedding. See if you can spot yourself! You can also see our eventful Holiday to France, 2003. Marvel at the smashed up car, grin at Phoebe swigging beer.

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